Instructions for poster presenters

Dimensions: Each poster area will be 122 cm (4 feet) wide by 122 cm (4 feet) high. The posters will be mounted on a free-standing display board that can accommodate two posters side by side and front and back (for a total of four poster areas per display board).

Mounting: Poster materials may be mounted to the display board using pushpins or thumbtacks or with the hook side of hook-and-loop fasteners (e.g. Velcro) (the board's surface is designed to catch the hook side of Velcro or like materials). Do not use tape or adhesives of any form directly on the display board or write or draw directly on the display board surface. Your poster number, which determines where to display your poster, will be included with your registration packet, so please register in advance. The registration page is located at

Display times: You may start displaying the poster at 1200 on Thursday, January 3 and must remove the poster from display by 1230 on Sunday, January 6. Posters are intended to be on display throughout the meeting, for those who wish to view them at any time. There will be two formal poster sessions, on Friday and Saturday evenings. You will be asked to attend to your poster during one of those sessions; details and instructions will be provided later.